Script: A Writer’s Guide to the Hollywood Jungle

This is my first book, which I self published about 12 years ago. It’s based on my experience working in story for the major movie studios in Hollywood. When I published it I didn’t know anything about launching strategies or really any marketing techniques. So very few have found it.

Script: A Writer’s Guide to the Hollywood Jungle is loaded with rare information about the mindset and business of writing for the screen. Naturally, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a leg up on being a successful writer for movies and television. You can buy a copy here:

I added a links page to the menu portion of this website a day or so ago. You’ll get easy, touch-of-the-screen access to many industry websites on the links page and another link to my book.

You’ll also find a page in the menu titled Simple Story Spine which I had intended as a blog post but accidentally published it as a page so this easy reference to basic story structure is parked there until I can figure out how to covert it to the blog.

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