The Weekend Read

#TheYouTubeFormula #DerralEves

The YouTube Formula by Derral Eves (the genius executive producer of the crowd funded series The Chosen) is what’s on my personal reading schedule this weekend. Sounds dry doesn’t it? But marketing has never been my strong suit and this book (published February 2021) is getting rave reviews amongst some viral marketing gurus on LinkedIN so I thought it would be wise to give it a gander. We shall see if I have the grit to plow through a significant portion of it. In fact, maybe I’ll write a review.

It’s a rainy Saturday morning in the Texas hill country. I’m listening to movie soundtracks on my Pandora channel and chilling in my p.j.s Some of the finest orchestral music ever written is on this curated stream. I love classical music too but the sweep and programmatic qualities of Hans Zimmer, Andres Desplat or Michael Giacchino scores appeal to me more. I can read and listen to them whereas pop or rock or other vocal music (unless it’s choral) splits my attention. When I was a girl my father used to listen to classical music in his study on the weekends. How dull that seemed to me then!

Yesterday the George & Ira Gershwin song books I ordered arrived. They may well be part of my weekend read too. This is the kind of day when I’m inclined to play hookey on my intentions, drink hot chocolate instead of herbal tea and day dream. Of course, there’s always the possibility the man of my dreams will decide to call. It could happen. And then there’s this…

Exit to Eden (Anne Rice’s extremely popular erotic fiction). If anyone can write erotica it’s Anne. 😊 Why not? It’s the weekend. The very best time to live dangerously.

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