The Upside of Tech Trouble

Charlie Chaplin/Modern Times/Columbia: Public Domain

Yesterday it was my dominant intent to finish (or at least make a bigger dent in) Derral Eves’ book The YouTube Formula but tech trouble got in the way. As a person who is self-taught on all things computer, doing tech tasks is my least favorite thing. It’s way harder than it probably needs to be. So tech stuff usually sits on the back burner until something happens to force me to do it.

I can build a simple website, run and create consistent content for a blog and have moderate command of a handful of software applications. All of these are essential to stay viable in today’s world. Building a platform and an audience is center stage for me at the moment but there’s more to successful social networking than I at first. thought. Understanding how AI processes data and predicts behavior is extremely helpful and an ongoing process, according to Eves.

Yesterday’s problem, which interrupted progress on the aforementioned goal, involved a tangle of security issues. Like the gears in Charlie Chaplin’s ‘great machine,’ the wheels of our current Modern Times apparatus are intricately connected. If one gear clogs up or slips out of sync, the whole system is in jeopardy. The accompanying photo symbolizes me, in the thick of it yesterday. Getting off my self-imposed deadline wasn’t NOT fun, if double negatives are allowed, just an unplanned detour.

So instead of making progress on reading and comprehending Eves’ book, I was closing holes and back doors in my various digital accounts. This ultimately meant securing and upgrading my Internet connection. By mid-afternoon I was running to Best Buy for a new modem, installing that and then making sure it worked with my devices.

As frustrating as all this was to my original intent, there was a huge upside. I got to learn how massively vital it is to have a high level of security. Security leaks make us vulnerable to identify theft, copyright infringement, stoppages in work flow or even a potential crash’. None of us needs the added stress.

There’s still one more detail to handle before I can declare victory and get back to learning algorithms and developing the proposal for my next book. It’s been a challenging 24 hours for one as un-tech savvy as yours truly. But I’m actually kind of grateful for the lesson. Are your digital devices and web presences secure.

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