Primal Branding: An Upcoming Review

I’m currently reading this book and will offer my comments and reflections on it in a forthcoming post.

I came across Primal Branding while reading Derral Eve’s book The YouTube Formula. Eve’s mindset and track record in the current market so impressed me that I did a search on LinkedIn and Patrick Hanlon’s name jumped out. Of course he’s on there! So naturally I had to read Hanlon’s book as part of my on-the-fly marketing education. The paperback arrived the other day and I just started reading today.

Here’s what I’ve gleaned thus far. Yes, it was written 15 years ago. So what? Any work of this ilk had better hold up over time and Primal Branding does. It’s still as important and relevant as it was in 2006. Today has been a busy one so I haven’t gotten as far into it as I’d planned but I’m grateful this is an easy read and a pleasant story journey. Hanlon is obviously a man who has lived in the rarified air of board rooms and pitching sessions with corporate executives. He knows how to tell a story. Even if it’s just about a limousine ride from Manhattan to his office at 2 a.m. in the pouring rain.

In brief, Hanlon’s premise is that a successful brand has not one but seven moving parts. Throw all the ads and magic you have at a product but it will not have the magnetism, loyalty and enduring charm of a company, product, personality or movement as one with all the ingredients Hanlon describes. I believe it because of my own career experience, with Disney in particular,

The intentional DNA of a successful brand has all these elements:

  • The Creation Story
  • The Creed
  • The Icons
  • The Rituals
  • The Pagans
  • The Sacred Words
  • The Leader

I’m really enjoying the read and will flesh out this skeletal outline in a day or so. Cheers everybody!

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