Stories that Heal

A Teaching Dream Tells A Story Of Healing

While contemplating deeply the wound that was weeping on its way to being completely healed, I fell asleep and dreamed of spending a day with my rejuvenated and happy self. It was not a long or dramatic dream. In fact it was simple. The wounded self was invited to accompany the healed self for an outing.

In the beginning the wounded one joined the healthy and happy one at home with the man they both wanted. The man was already in love with the healthy one. There was simply no room for the wounded one to coexist with them. Literally, there was a single table and two chairs not three. Rather than concern himself with or recognize a problem, the man handed the wounded one over to his beloved’s care and went about his work fixing things.

The two of us girls left the house together. At the outset I was identified with the fear that was present in the wounded self. She was demanding attention. The healthy self was generous and kind even as she seemed a bit preoccupied with matters of the present moment. We would simply spend some time together. As we went about the mechanical business of walking and finding a place to explore the wounded self began to admire the robust confidence of the healthy self.

Before long, the frightened self saw that there was nothing to be afraid of after all. She was recognized and allowed to be there without shame or embarrassment. It soon became obvious there wasn’t even anything to overcome. It was far better and easier to simply be in the present with the healthy self.

When I woke up the healthy self was well established and unshakable. All that was needed was to make a choice. I said goodbye to the wounded self like an old roommate. There isn’t room for her in my house anymore.

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