Omicron Hits Home

The highly contagious Covid-19 variant has been ravaging our area and infecting the unvaccinated.

Yesterday I got a booster of the Pfizer vaccine just to be on the safe side. It made me dizzy and a little feverish but I got my errands done before coming home. I never do this but I lay down and took about an hour nap. It was barely noon. Then I felt good enough to have a light lunch and go back out for a long walk. An hour a day is the norm but it’s been cold so I’ve missed a couple of days.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day yesterday even with blustery winds I felt refreshed. Afterwards I ran by the grocery to grab an item and bumped into my niece’s husband and young son. This is such a tiny town you can hardly go anywhere without bumping into someone you know. It was a shock coming here from L.A. where the sheer numbers of people and the urban sprawl breed anonymity. It’s easy to feel lonely there if you’re single.

Terrence asked if I was alright. Yes, doing fine. That’s when he sad my sister and her husband are both still sick with Covid. I guess Terrence thought I already knew but that was the first I’d heard of it. My sister is older than me and her husband is about 10 years older and facing a significant set of co-morbidities. Neither of them were vaccinated.

They live in a rural area near Fredericksburg where the Internet and phone service is terrible. The only way to get hold of them is for them to drive to the top of the hill or go into town. I’ve gotten used to my sister calling me from the car or during a grocery run. I tried to call her but got voicemail, as per usual. This was more than a little concerning.

My niece filled me in on the details. They’ve been sick for about a week but so far not exhibiting respiratory symptoms. The kids are on the case, got them tested, brought in supplies and a doctor is in touch with them so hopefully they’ll be able to recover at home. It turns out Terrence’s mom got Covid too.

We’ve been dealing with a global pandemic for going on two years now. I can only imagine how difficult this is for hospital staff and other healthcare workers. Sending love out to the doctors, nurses, assistants and families suffering with this disease. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please think seriously about doing it. The life you save may be your own or that of a loved one and staying healthy will help relieve the prolonged strain on our healthcare industry.

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