The Reluctant Couch Potato

My Himalayan kitty after rolling in the dirt is not a reluctant couch potato, that would be me.

Did you ever have a day when you just decided to chuck all your to-do list stuff and followed your desire to laze around like a common couch potato? Today has been one of those days. To be honest I have a feverish chill, dizziness and a headache, probably from the vaccine booster I got Friday. So that’s my excuse. The chores are still sitting there unchecked in my journal and I’m stubbornly ignoring them for now. After all, who’s going to know, besides me? And now you.

In reality just writing about being under-the-weather and lethargic makes me want to jump up and get after it. Yes, you and I are the only ones who’ll know how I used my time today but those are important people. Moving forward daily on my goals, even if only in small, incremental ways, is a core habit and I will not abandon it just because I don’t feel like it. So time to pause this musing and check a few things off the list. A person is really a product of their habits good or bad.

Okay I’m back. Still feeling cruddy but at least kinda back on track. I did check a few things off the list to keep momentum going in some key areas so that improves my emotions. The lethargy has lifted. It seems crazy that making even small moves on a consistent basis can change a life but that’s the truth. After a little rest I can do a modified walk. Walking out in the fresh air everyday is one of the best things I do for myself so it’s a terrible idea to skip it.

This post was going to be something brilliant about how a best-case-scenario attitude brings the best into being but that’s probably not the best topic to expound upon when you feel a worst case scenario is looming. Or maybe it is in a reverse psychology way. A quick surf on the Internet, however, made it crystal clear that the subject has been done to death. I’m not terminally unique after all. And I really feel like s**t.

I wish I could shrug off my body for the day and travel to some far distant place without it. You know, leave the masterpiece of God’s highest work of art to heal itself. It definitely doesn’t need my help. I’d rather be off hobnobbing with creatures from another galaxy or zipping through a wormhole to a new reality for the afternoon. When I get back the bod will be all chill and ready to rock n roll tomorrow.

Do you ever get into a state of mind where you look at a tree or a cloud and it looks like a giraffe or something completely else? That’s what I want to do. Change my state. Shake this couch potato energy and swap it out for something more fulfilling. Downshift from beta to alpha and then ease into the flow of theta. The walk will likely help with that.

So I go outside to fill the bird bath, the kitty escapes and rolls delightedly in the dirt for about 5 minutes before finally capitulating and coming inside. It seems pointless to vacuum now. She’s quite pleased with herself. It’s perverse but also funny. What difference does it really make if Kira is tracking dirt all over the place? I try so hard to be perfect and often make a mess of things. I guess that’s just who I am, a reflection of my kitty – comically flawed and at times perverse.

There’s only about an hour left of sunshine so it’s time to walk. I’ll come back and be a couch potato after dark. Maybe, like the movie title implies this is As Good As It Gets.

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