Wolf Moon 2022

Master Co took this shot of this years Wolf full moon .

Instead of howling at the moon or otherwise expending the power of the full moon, many people all over the earth practice special group meditations to take advantage of it. Besides, I think there’s a latent tribal quality to the practice. I just did a powerful meditation with Master Co (http://masterco.org) and highly recommend it. You can find this recording on Facebook. Master Co teaches Pranic Healing and is a close associate of Tony Robbins (http://tonyrobbins.com) leading large groups in person and online in healing spiritual practice.

As per usual, Master Co gives a short lecture on a single spiritual principle and then guides us through the Twin Hearts form of meditation to focus and channel the special energies of the full moon. We bless the earth and all people of all countries as one voice. It’s a wonderful, loving practice. The energy is also used to bless our loved ones and ourselves. The discomfort I was experiencing in my body and mind yesterday is gone. I am so grateful to feel better.

The unifying idea behind full moon meditation and ritual practice is that the energy of the moon is at its zenith during this period. If we are sensitive and use focused attention that energy can be used to calm the nervous system, sooth ruffled relationships and aid in healing a collective consciousness. Working in groups, even if the participants are only joined via Zoom or a form of social media amplifies this maximum cosmic energy.

This may sound a little too “woo woo” but don’t discount its efficacy if you haven’t tried it. These types of practices go back thousands of years and are based on ancient wisdom which I believe still has valuable lessons to offer to the open mind. The Native American tribal Traditions are rooted in the cycles of the moon and earth medicine. They observed the tides, the female cycle and the full face of Grandmother Moon 13 times a year and sought to live in harmony with her rhythms.

Of course science, technology, astronomy, modern music, literature, art and quantum physics have much too teach us as well. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We can experience what our ancestors knew plus all the great stuff our current time is bestowing on us. Why not have it all?

Whatever you believe, happy Wolf Full Moon! According to http://Space.com the moon should be visible on the eastern horizon around dusk in the U.S. if the sky is clear. The moon appeared full last night and will appear full tomorrow as well to casual stargazers.

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