The Orchid

A commissioned painting by
my mentor, Norma Flynn, with a live orchid

I’m not sure what the tryptych of images are in the center of the image but I have many mirrors and windows in my personal space so let’s consider it magic!

Today I will simply share some extemporaneous musings on the live orchid you see juxtaposed next to my mentor’s watercolor of a forest. It takes the unusual form of a poem. Here goes…

The Orchid

My orchid is exotic

Pink, purple and white

She graces my table

With Nature’s mystery light

She speaks softly

Of Layered meanings

Love and open ears

She is Beauty

Asking Nothing

Enriching All Around

To Be Like Her

That’s Something

A Quiet Shinning Light

A Passion Flower

On Virginal White

By Susan M. Marx

This falls under a new category entitled “Willingness to be a Fool.” This means you can look forward to more foolish writing in the future!

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