Breakthrough 2022

Tony Robbins Teaches Us How To Change Where We’re Stuck And Crush It!

Today was day 4 of the 5 day Breakthrough party online. It’s Tony’s second annual freebie and it may be his last but somehow I don’t think so. The marketing benefits are massive for these giveaways. They fall into the category of “moving the bottom line.” In this day and age we have to give a lot away just to be in the game. I actually came in at the VIP level because I get to keep the recordings and VIPs also get to participate in daily, live Q & A sessions with the man himself.

I love Tony’s work. He’s such an inspiration that we CAN overcome our challenges. He and his team over deliver as usual. This Breakthrough Challenge is much like last year’s only better. I came into it this year with a determination to put an end to a paralyzing fear and to strengthen my resolve to improve my physical fitness. Due to some technical glitches and a conflicting outside appointment, I watched Day 2 first and missed 3 & 4 so today I went back to day one. The reason? The order of the information is very precise. Thankfully I can do that.

The big takeaways for me for Day 1 are the need to train the body and mind daily and using archetypes to find new answers to troubling challenges. This isn’t the first time I’ve been exposed to these concepts but they struck me powerfully today. If you’ve ever done a Tony Robbins training you know he likes to get you up dancing and clapping and using your voice to speak or sing or scream out feelings. That’s because changing our physiology shakes us out of old habits of thought and emotion.

Tony teaches that part of the reason we get stuck in an unwanted behavior has to do with the survival mind that lives in the reptilian part of our brain. Trauma or what it perceives as a life threatening situation (and that can be emotional or psychological) can cause behavioral blind spots. To move past them we need to first become aware of the pattern and then change our emotional state so we can regain access to the rest of our mind and come back into the present.

Accessing four main archetypes was the most intriguing and beneficial exercise. I’ve done this routine at both Unleash The Power Within events I attended but today was different. Maybe it was the repetition or maybe because now I have identified the exact behavior pattern (observed it in action a few times) that has to change. I will describe briefly how the exercise works in the next paragraph.

First, refresh your body with movement and affirmations. Jump around, dance, laugh, smile hugely. Then find where the warrior lives in your body. Then you ask the warrior how to solve the problem and let it speak. Do the same for the magician, the lover and the sovereign. These are all energies we carry within us. Each archetype has a different perspective so the answers they give are different.

We went through this exercise rapidly but I’m happy to say I got some great new perspective and practical ways to heal this trouble at the heart and soul level. Hope is restored. I can fix this! If you haven’t tuned in to Tony’s Breakthrough 2022, there’s still one more day of free training. I know I’ll be there.

Oh, I almost forgot the juicy rundown. What are the three Steps to a breakthrough? Remember the order is critical.

1. State – get into an empowered state

2. Story – what’s the story I’m telling myself? What’s the story I’d rather tell?

3. Strategy – the how comes last because until we change our state and adjust the story the how won’t stick.

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