Relationship Day

The Highlight of The Ultimate Breakthrough 2022

Thank you Tony and Sage for this beautiful gift! There were so many great takeaways in Relationship Day. I’m still processing a lot of the information but I do want to share what resonated most for me. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the most vital conversation we can have – intimate relationships.

How do we fall in love and keep the aliveness of passion burning brightly at its center? It’s not accidental. Having a passionate relationship that stays passionate over time may be rare but it is possible if we’re willing to do the work. Tony teaches that the number one thing we need to remember is that the relationship is not where we go to get. It’s where we go to give. And it’s vital that we select who we are being and bringing to this unique shared entity called relationship.

What makes it work is things in common. What makes a relationship passionate is differences in energies. The Yin and Yang of the sexes. Polarity is where the fire lives. Familiarity is a major thing to watch out for and that’s overcome with maintaining polarity. This was a three hour conversation so I’m sorry this is so brief but here is one big chunk that I found enormously important and actionable.

Basically there are Four Stages of Depolarization (loss of attraction). They are:

A. Resistance

B. Resentment

C. Rejection

D. Repression

You want to kill the monster while it’s little. Proximity is key. We can’t be successful in our intimacy if we’re always apart. The mind gets in the way of the heart. It judges, distorts, deletes information and generalizes. Then relationships become transactions and not havens of love, intimacy and spiritual connection.

Of course, then there’s the fact that men and women process things differently.

I know this is cursory but there was so much dialogue and nuance that I feel this training has to be experienced to really get it. Hopefully you will at least get an idea of the value Tony and Sage brought out. I’m in awe of their incredible insights and generosity. 🙏

Postscript: In addition to all the knowledge Tony brought out from his 40+ years of coaching people how to overcome obstacles and live their best life, a decade or so ago he teamed up with marriage and family therapist, Chloe Madanes. Together they work with couples and family members in various stages of their life journey, including courtship, marriage, divorce and learning to love again. Robbins-Madanes has turned into an online certified coach training program.

So the information he shared was deep and profound. The VIP ticket was totally worth it because during the live Q & A Tony answered questions and it became a series of mini coaching sessions. Totally awesome.

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