Change We Must

Written and performed by Jon Anderson (1994).

I came across this beautiful, inspirational music video written and performed by Yes lead singer Jon Anderson while researching books related to the Ho’oponopono Prayer. Change We Must is the title of a book written by the late Nana Veary a renown Kupuna (spiritual teacher) of the old Hawaiian ways and Ho’oponopono. It would seem that Anderson was inspired by her teachings of aloha.

When I was a little girl (about 7), my family lived on Oahu. One year we vacationed on the big island of Hawaii. My uncle Paul Crackle was living there and introduced us to the kahuna Mornnah Simeona, a healer with words. I still remember her as a great presence, even though I had no idea at the time who she was in the world. She touched me on the top of my head, a barefoot grandmother on the beach. To this day I wonder if she hadn’t activated my crown chakra (connection to the divine intelligence) because my whole life had been a search.

Simeona held retreats around the world and was the teacher and partner of Dr. iHaleakala Hew Len, the Hawaiian psychologist who healed an entire Hawaii State Prison population for the criminally insane by practicing Ho’oponopono. It is reported by numerous sources that Len never even saw a patient privately. He read their files and said the prayer over and over, asking for cleansing.

In essence, Ho’oponopono is an ancient healing practice from Hawaii and other islands of the South Pacific. It was/is based on the idea that all illness or dis-ease has its root in anger, resentment and residual negativity in the subconscious. Simeona’s 20th century adaptation of this practice involves four phrases spoken to heal a wounded relationship or family. The phrases are:

I’m Sorry

I Love You

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

These phrases can be said as you stand or sit facing the offended or angry person. It is important to look your person in the eyes as you speak sincerely and from the heart. All past hurts are then consciously forgotten and never spoken of again. Dr. Len also taught that a person can say these phrases to one’s own inner child, picturing yourself as a child in front of you. Repeat the phrases over and over until a sense of trust is restored. If you are in separation from your person or they have died, it is still an effective practice to free you from that pain.

Postscript: Dr. Len taught Texas based author and entrepreneur Joe Vitale about the practice of Mornnah Simeona’s “Self-I-Dentity” cleansing and together they wrote Zero Limits. Dr. Len lived on Oahu and died January 14, 2022. Len also advocated drinking Blue Solar Water, for its alleged ability to cleanse the subconscious mind. Blue solar water is made by putting fresh or spring water in a blue glass bottle and leaving it in the sun for an hour.

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