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Tony Robbins’ Latest Book Came As A Gift For Being A VIP In Breakthrough Challenge 2022.

One of my top goals this year is to get in the best possible shape. The cold snap we had in Central Texas recently took me off my daily walking routine so I’m subbing in 50 squats daily and some stretches and weights. My mini-trampoline is also gathering dust in the cold but just looking at it serves as a reminder of my aim.

Life Force, Tony Robbins’ latest book book arrives in the nick of time to boost my resolve to take better care of my body and make it as strong and flexible as I can. It came about, as many of Robbins’ work does, in an effort to solve a personal problem. Tony suffered a terrible snowboarding accident that ripped the living s**t out of his right rotator cuff. The doctors recommended surgery that would leave his right arm in a sling for 6 months. For Tony, that was not an option.

Worse still, the imaging he underwent around the rotator cuff injury revealed severe spinal stenosis. One more hit and he could be paralyzed for life. Ultimately, Robbins opted out of the rotor cuff surgery and got fresh, 10-day old stem cell injections from a clinic in Panama which he claims healed his shoulder in days without surgery. Even more incredibly, the injections relieved his chronic back pain.

These encounters and the desire to heal his spinal stenosis led him on a search into the cutting edge of biomedical science and regenerative medicine – areas of research and development he describes as precision medicine. Robbins interviewed 168 of the top doctors in the world in their respective fields and gives us the promising news that there are things we can do today to drastically improve our health and vitality.

Robbins adds that we are also on the brink of radical new technologies and strategies that can not only lengthen our lives by decades but improve the quality of our lives as we age. These aren’t decades away but months or years. If you’re like me and look forward to living an extraordinarily long and healthy life this is thrilling news!

In the course of this search, Tony teamed up with Peter Diamandis, MD and Robert Hariri, MD, PhD to coauthor this book and they, in turn, formed an internal Life Force Advisory Board. Tony Robbins is the spokesperson and enthusiastic advocate for taking a proactive role your own health. As always, I’ll give you my review when I’ve read it.

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