Getting Back Into Yoga

Today as I plan my day and continue reading Tony Robbins’ latest book Life Force, co-authored by Peter Diamandis MD and Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, I opened YouTube to find that Yoga series on Commune to help getting back to practice. Instead, this sweet and inspirational video caught my eye. I didn’t know the story behind her present journey until looking more deeply into her channel. Thank you Yanza for posting.

Like many of us, it’s during periods of intense emotional or physical crisis that we find our biggest catalysts for positive change. Yanza’s channel is called TheYanzaBird. She lives in Los Angeles but left her husband and two children to go back to China to help care for her mother who is dying of brain cancer. A very touching, heartfelt video blog by a sweet, loving soul. 🙏

Postscript: That Yoga series I found on YouTube’s Commune channel is Yoga with Adriene. The particular program within her channel is Move A 30 Day Yoga Journey. This is a great restart program, only 30 minutes long per day so not too intimidating for people just getting back into it. Here’s a link to Day 1

I just completed Day 1 and was glad the postures were so gentle. My wrists and knees were cranky though and I had to stop twice to rewatch her transitions from pose to pose. All in all very 😊

Tips & Takeaways: Warm up for 15 or 20 minutes before yoga practice. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Place your mat on a flat surface with plenty of spare room to move. You may need to move furniture around to accommodate the flow. Have a meditation pillow and/or folded blanket nearby to cushion hips for some poses.

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