Pantanga Wilds Tea & Apothecary

Pantanga Wilds, Canyon Lake Apothecary

Yesterday I had an unexpected adventure, which stemmed from the surprising results of drinking artisanal tea. This summer I had major abdominal surgery and although I’m well and grateful for the outcome of that procedure, I’ve experienced persistent constipation ever since. That was never an issue for me before. Doctors recommended taking a daily dose of an over-the-counter osmotic product like Miralax.

While that did relieve the condition I was beginning to think I’d never be the same. Then, in a twist of fate, an organic farmer friend called around the holidays needing help resolving a car problem. While her car was unusable, I gave her a ride to New Braunels Farmers Market so she could sell her wares.

Instead of going home and driving back later to pick her up, I stayed there all day, shopped for Christmas gifts and talked to the merchants and then drove her home. It was a beautiful, sunny day in New Braunfels. While doing Kathleen that favor was my pleasure, I feel like the universe had conspired for this unplanned occasion to occur because I was given something very wonderful as a result.

Dried Elderberries and Wild Honey

Christmas Tea, from the family owned Pantanga Wilds in Canyon Lake, was one of my purchases. This is a deliciously fresh and fragrant black tea blended with cinnamon, cloves and orange. I’ve been drinking this tea off and on ever since and as I increasingly phased out morning coffee for this tea (often combined with Hibiscus Lemongrass Tea ( which is another Pantanga Wilds blend) my constipation has resolved. I am as good as new! To be clear, I’ve also recently added doing 40 squats a day, 5 days a week. So that may play a role but I’ve walked 30-45 minutes a day 5 days a week for months and that alone didn’t impact the constipation.

So when I ran out of this wonderful tea I called to see if they had it, off-season. I again “lucked out” and the shop owner answered. Yes, they had some Christmas Tea on hand. When I shared my magical results, the owner, Sally Thornton, said she uses Native American and Ayurvedic methods to blend her teas. Okay, I have always had an affinity for Native American traditions and am more recently into Aruveydic cooking, so I was hooked.

Yesterday I visited her shop in Canyon Lake. It turns out this is a modern day apothecary. What? Get out of town! I had a long and delightful talk with the very friendly nutritionist (Sarah) who was in the humble role of sales clerk. I left with several tea blends and some dried elderberries, which I brewed this morning with wild honey to make the powerful natural antioxidant, Elderberry Syrup.

So welcome to the latest rabbit hole! Sarah texted me several links to like-minded and skilled naturopaths who live in the vicinity. Of course, me being me, I managed to delete them off my phone! But I’m going back for more Hibiscus Lemongrass tea and will recover those contacts. I guess you never know where your miracles will manifest.

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