Preparing for UPW

Tony Robbins’ Signature Transformation Event

Now that my unpredictable life circumstances (for the current week) have resolved, today is devoted to preparing for Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within 2022 Virtual Event which begins tomorrow, March 17 at 10:00 am. My phone and e-mail will be unattended except for emergencies until Monday morning, March 21, 2022.

This marks my third UPW. The first one was a live four day event in Dallas, just months before the Covid pandemic shut everything socially interactive down. Funny thing is, I had an inkling that if I was going to see Tony live at a multiple day event I better do it. My second UPW was Tony’s first virtual UPW. Robbins’ is not a man who let’s anyone dictate what’s possible to him. He spent millions building a state-of-the-art studio and produced the UPW via Zoom, a feat that involved innovating and expanding Zoom’s former limited live conference capacity to 8 thousand participants simultaneously.

That virtual UPW was even better than the live UPW in many respects because it didn’t involve a multi-hour commute, hotel/food expenses and the discomfort of sitting in a hard, stadium seat or waiting in line to use the bathroom. The other obvious benefit is that participants can invite friends to experience UPW at no extra cost. I’ve invited a couple people but haven’t had any takers. Not everyone likes a marathon, even if it can potentially help them become better people or realize a dream. Misery loves company and it hates cheerleaders for happiness even more. Or maybe being complacent is just comfy. Whatever…

I’m prepping for the event today because once UPW starts, we’re off to the races. This means having meals and healthy snacks on hand and moving the mini-trampoline back inside (we move vigorously, dance and shout quite often and the trampoline is brilliant for getting the heart rate up and the blood flowing in short bursts). I did the tech checks yesterday, after jury duty, to make sure when 10:00 am rolls around all I have to do is turn the computer on and click the link.

UPW Goodie Box

The goodie box is one more way to get participants to actively engage with information and interact, as far as that’s possible, with the 8 thousand others attendees. Last year many people had friends and family over so the actual attendance was closer to 20,000. Isn’t it ironic that the limitation that Covid brought actually improved the experience, made it more affordable and more than doubled Tony’s reach? So if you ask me why I’m doing UPW again it’s because I believe in making the seemingly impossible, not just possible but better than ever. And because ‘repetition is the mother of skill.’

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