First Day of UPW

A Random Shot Of My Unleash the Power Within (UPW) Experience.

Although this is literally my third UPW, I’ve already heard something hugely important in a new way. And that is that nothing matters more than being present to the ones we love. So right off the bat, forget what I said yesterday about not being available for the phone. I would love for any of my friends or acquaintances (and especially the one man I can’t stop thinking about ❤️) to call or, drop by in person. Life is too short to be away from the precious ones who’ve come into our lives.

The second big takeaway today is not to let ego or fear of not getting what I want get in the way of expressing love. Love of people, love of work, love of being of service to others. We can decide to live in a beautiful state – to find empowering meaning in everything – no matter what happens. A big piece of this inner work is confronting fear. Tony gives us practical strategies for doing this powerfully and consistently.

In This Exercise We Got Into State By Anchoring In Beautiful Emotions First.

Step Two: Think of your two favorite flavors of suffering. Suffering comes from focusing negatively on yourself. Then come up with ways to break the pattern in the moment and practice the new behavior.

Writing Helps The Brain Focus and Remember A New Skill or Behavior.
Patterns of Negative Emotions
We Can Change Our State In An Instant.

Tony adds a 90 second rule so we don’t stay in negative emotion for any longer than just over a minute. We get stressed because of the mind. Our thoughts are influenced by our states. The heart was formed before the brain and it has its own intelligence. Then we took a few minutes to remember three beautiful moments and anchored them into our bodies. When the heart and mind are aligned, our organs literally sync. It’s from this place that we can solve any problem.

We were also strongly encouraged to take action to deal with a lingering issue we,be been postponing. That might mean making a phone call, telling someone we’re sorry. Saying I love you and/or owning responsibility in a situation. Powerful stuff! Though many of the stories and strategies are already familiar to me, it’s wonderful to remember them again And there is some new material, some further distinctions like the love piece. Thank you Tony and team.

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