UPW Virtual Day 3

We’re On Lunch Break.

Wow, this morning has been absolutely amazing. Totally off-the-chain! I started out a little tired and sore from all the jumping and dancing around from the first two days but Tony really took it to another level, more than I’ve ever seen him. Now I feel amazing.

Today we started out with about 15 minutes of priming (I’ll upload a video of that down below so you can try it yourself). Then we went right into some exercises for eliminating inner conflicts and anchoring in certainty. Lots more jumping and dancing and shouting at the top of our voices. While that may sound stupid it is SO POWERFUL. It gets you completely out of your head and demolishes doubt and fear.

What we’re doing next is about a two hour process to eliminate obstacles in our psychology and creating a new vision for the future. This is probably the most intense part of the 4-day event. I’ve done it before so I can guarantee that it’s not for the faint-hearted. In fact I almost dread it because we really go deep into the dark stuff that stops us. Nobody wants to feel pain but in this case it’s like surgery. We have to get in there and take the thing that’s killing us out.

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