The Laughing Baby

Me At About Age Five In Columbus Ohio. I Was A Very Happy Child From Birth. My Parents Even Nicknamed Me “The Laughing Baby.”

On the first day of Unleash The Power Within the event creator and leader Tony Robbins introduced some “new” material, at least that’s how I perceive it because I don’t recall it being a part of the previous UPWs I’ve attended. The concept is not really new because countless books and even the Bible talk about it and have for centuries. It’s the idea of living life from a beautiful state. Living from joy.

There’s a much earlier photograph of me that captures innocent joy even better than this one and I’m trying to locate it. I was about 18 mos. old. Maybe two years old. I was so chubby I could hardly stand but I was beaming like the sun. In the most recent UPW Tony talked about living from a beautiful state – that we can end individual suffering by choosing to live in a beautiful state. A state of unconditional love.

Me and My Sister Anita. Can You Guess Which One Is Me?

How can we live in a beautiful state? In essence, we make a conscious decision to stop being self-centered and focus on love and who we love and being of service. Because this is a new linchpin in his teachings Tony invited us to describe Why We’d Commit To End Suffering And Live In A Beautiful State and to write him via a special email. He promised to read everything that was sent. I accept that challenge.

Although I won’t recount my email to Tony here verbatim, the exercise of finding my WHY, was not lost on me and it ultimately led to the rediscovery of the laughing baby who lives at the core of my being. She’s a creature from God who shines the light of pure joy and gratitude on everything. I’m so glad to have her actively back in my life again. We really can live life from a beautiful state if we choose it.

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