Shakti Dance Routine For Women

Release Energy Blockages and Connect To Your Divine Feminine
Bellyfit CEO Alice Bracegirdle

The Sound Track Improves Once Alice Finishes Introduction. The reason this fits on a blog about writing relates more to the Part 2 video that’s linked to the one I featured. In it, Alice tells a story of female empowerment with this dance routine that, for me, mirrors the magic of HULA, which I learned at and an early age in Hawaii and which still fascinates me. Each movement is a sentence in the story for those who know how to read movements. Maybe storytelling through dance is a research project ( it kinda has been for a while😊) and when I can I’ll write about it here for you.

If you’re like me, you like to dance as a form of exercise. This short little routine is sexy, fun and good for toning and strengthening your core muscles and thighs. There is a longer Part Two that follows this routine, if you want to get in a full 30 minutes of dance. If you’ve read my posts about Tony Robbins latest book, Life Force, you know that the most up-to-date data on exercise doubles the weekly requirement for movement to maintain health and extend longevity.

Bellyfit was great for me today, after jumping and dancing off and on for the four days of UPW. I was sore yesterday and tempted to skip exercise again today. Mixing up routines keeps boredom from setting in and you work different muscle groups for a more balanced movement regimen. Maybe it’s a woman thing but moving gracefully and sensuously puts me in touch with my sexuality and passion. That’s why for me this routine is a win-win.

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