The Most Compelling Story This Week Is…

…going to depend on your perspective but that’s probably always the case. There’s the Hunter Biden laptop story, which the mainstream media covered up and is now walking back. There’s the Will Smith slap on live broadcast TV, which has caused Smith to voluntarily forfeit his Academy membership while the Academy weighs disciplinary action. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues after peace talks fail and the U.S. pledges millions to support Ukraine. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods flies to Augusta ahead of The Masters, sparking speculation he may be fit enough after last year’s car accident to compete. You can call me jaded but I don’t trust the media spin on the first three stories.

Will Tiger Play?

Tiger’s amazing comeback at The Masters in 2019 was testament to the man’s true champion status. He’s made mistakes and has been knocked down at least twice before only to pull himself back up and win again. Now, the possibility he’s recovered enough from the 2021 accident that almost cost him his right leg to compete seems like the stuff of legends.

With The Masters just five days away, Tiger still has not announced whether or not he’ll play. Augusta is a tough walk and may prove too much, even for Tiger since his accident. He did play with his son, Charlie in the 2021 PNC Tournament (he rode in a cart for all except the 18th hole). Tiger has refused comment except to say that if he does play it will only be to win. His name still appears on the list of Masters’ players this year. So the world will have to wait. My take? He’ll play.

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