The Masters Begin

Inclement weather threatens the start of the legendary Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia today but the game has officially begun. Honorary Starters: Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson teed off the game just moments ago. And yes, Tiger Woods is playing, against all odds. It’s going to be a weekend to remember!

This clip is Tiger in a Practice Round One Day Ahead of Masters 2022

It’s only been a handful of hours since The Masters Golf Tournament 2022 began but Tiger Woods is already proving he’s still got what it takes to win. This year Tiger plays after a debilitating car crash 14 months ago that nearly cost him his right leg. At age 46 he’s up against players 10 and 20 years younger with tremendous records and potential. I’m betting on Tiger because of what all this means to him after more than 25 years in competition and because he’s a strategist. Instead of trying to compete in strength with the younger guys, Tiger is playing a smart game that starts after the initial drive. We’ll see.

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