Inspired By Greatness

A Legendary Performance.

No Tiger Woods didn’t win the Masters 2022 this year but he won an even bigger battle this weekend to not only make the cut after a debilitating injury 14 months ago to finishing four marathon days on the Augusta National Golf Course. That Tiger played at all was inspirational but that he finished with such grace made his performance even more unforgettable. Everyone recognizes his accomplishment.

At the time of this writing this year’s world leader Scottie Scheffler (age 25) came in hot after three recent PGA level wins and leads by just one point. Cameron Smith (28) is a more seasoned young player and is coming up fast to take the green jacket. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy ties for third place on the seventh. All three are exceptional players.

By days’ end one of these three will likely be the newest Masters champion but Tiger’s triumphant return will never be forgotten. I know I am uplifted by his indomitable spirit and I’m obviously not the only one. Never say never. Never give up. Go for your dreams.

Headed For St. Andrews in May 2022

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