Designing Woman

My living space, with kitty Kira.

Even though I’m cribbing off the old TV series Designing Women for a title, I never watched the show. But I’ve always had a passion for creating beautiful home interiors. As a single woman and a devoted career professional I’ve had more limited funds than my married counterparts to birth the most intimate canvas of all, home. At least that’s what I tell myself. If I become more successful, the sky’s the limit.

For me, the ultimate interior design feeds the soul. I really don’t care what others think of my taste. I seek harmony, balance, inspiration. In fact, my current abode has negative drive-up appeal. I hate that and it embarrasses me but in fact this is a distinct advantage because my rent is extremely low and no-one would think to rob me. The other advantage to limited funds over a long period is “creative boundaries.”

I’m serious. No matter the endeavor, limitations are our best friend when it comes to creativity. It’s only within limits that we find new expression. Growing up a Navy brat, We moved all the time so learning to adapt was a big part of the process. I’ve kept up the mobile tradition ever since childhood and usually purge myself of all possessions before moving in to the latest iteration of what I call home.

My Bedroom Before the Transformation.

My current habitat is simple, contemporary and earthy tropical with some exotic touches. Today I bought an area rug to cover some stains in the white jute covering most of my bedroom floor. The purchase brought on a holistic, aesthetic examination of my interior space. Initially, I wanted to mirror my second bedroom/studio space by over layering a jute rug. But I went for something else instead. A whirling multicolored vortex that’s like a portal in my bedroom floor.

The Vortex in My Bedroom.

If the vortex rug looks out of place it’s because it’s very heavy wool and I struggled to drag it inside and lift the couch to position it by myself. I like the idea but from a design perspective, it was a mistake. Ouch! But no biggie. I have another jute area rug on the way to set things right. I think it will mirror my studio rug and create harmony.

What to do with the whirling vortex rug in the interim? Who knows. The rearranging of elements is part of the fun. If the bedroom jute matches the studio to my satisfaction then the elements will shift yet again. What else is there but change?

My second bedroom is my studio. Here’s a partial view for comparison.

Natural Jute over Bleached.

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