What Is OsteoStrong?

The Newest and Best Way to Build and Rebuild Bone Mass Density.

OsteoStrong is the name of a newer franchise business designed to help individuals retain, build or rebuild bone mass density. I know that doesn’t sound very sexy but it definitely is once you learn some basic facts about the human skeletal system. We know our bones are alive and contain marrow (that makes and regulates blood cells) and give us the structural frame our bodies need to be strong and ambulatory.

What you may not know is that after age 30, our bone density starts to decline. Various factors play into how much and how fast but we are ALL losing bone mass density (BMD) from age 30 unless we’re taking targeted action to maintain and rebuild it. Most of us don’t think much about our bones unless a bone breaks or our spine develops problems or is injured. Then it becomes all too apparent how vital bone strength is to longevity, overall health and well being.

About a year ago I had my first DXA scan (a kind of x-ray of the hip and spine that measures BMD) and learned I have advanced Osteopenia (bone loss between normal and -2.5). That puts me right on the cusp of Osteoporosis – the next level of bone thinning associated with aging, poor posture, loss of strength and increased risk of fracture. This is a situation I’m determined to remedy as much as possible.

Up until now the only remedy (and it wasn’t even that) for osteoporosis and the continued decline of BMD was to take calcium, vitamin D3 and K2, get lots of weight bearing exercise and, if prescribed, drug therapy. None of these do much more than slow the decline, if that. None of them rebuild BMD let alone reverse Osteoporosis. OsteoStrong stops the decline in BMD, builds it and may even reverse Osteoporosis.

I first learned about OsteoStrong’s therapeutic approach in Tony Robbins’ latest book, Life Force, which I have partially reviewed in earlier blog posts. I encourage you to visit http://OsteoStrong.me for more information from OsteoStong’s founders.

On Monday I had my free introductory OsteoStrong session. It was fast, fun and painless. After a relaxing post session hydro-massage (not an OsteoStrong invention but an added feature at my fitness studio in Stone Oak) a trainers’s elderly mom (80s) came in for her fourth session. She had injured her back trying to help her wheelchair-bound husband. After only three sessions she no longer needs a walking cane. I’m not kidding! That’s incredible. So how did I feel after my first?

Well, I became a member and will be doing the therapy once a week for at least 6 months and probably several years to build back the BMD I’ve lost. OsteoStrong uses static contraction without range-of-motion and records the amount of strength you exert relative to a customized target via biofeedback. So the session is measurable and is saved and used for comparison to track progress. It takes a few months to see results on a DXA scan. The average improve 14 % in 6-12 months.

I felt wobbly in the knee where I previously had arthroscopic surgery and in my left hip, which suffered a dramatic sports injury eons ago. But there was no pain. I exceeded my targets on two other machines. We also did some balance exercises on a vibration plate and that was pure pleasure.

By the time I got home my left hip was noticeably sore so I laid on a heating pad for a few minutes, then went about doing things. I was active yesterday but avoided exercise to let my hip recover. It feels great now and I actually feel better than I did before the session. My next session is a week from today in the early afternoon.

It’s a great time to be alive. Many health issues that were once thought hopeless are treatable if not curable. I’m very excited about OsteoStrong and am telling my family and friends about it. Yay! Life is good.

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