Mother’s Day Reimagined

My Mom.

My writing has been private journaling of late but if you live anywhere in the USA, today is Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere are celebrated, as they ought to be. My mother passed away 12 years ago. So I don’t have flowers or lunch or a big hug to say “I love you” for her but she’s still a frequent visitor in my dreams. I still hear her voice in my head too, telling me to go after my dreams. Psychics tell me she still drops around. This doesn’t surprise me. We had a special bond.

So Happy Mother’s Day mom. You were a great mother, always so full of fun and joie de vivre. That’s the most obvious psychological imprint. That deep knowing of habitual trust that says I’m of the smiling, happy tribe. Something’s amiss if we’re off that vibe. But being true in spirit came from you too. Radical honesty and looking on the bright side of things no matter what’s going on. These traits will always remind me of you and call me to reach for the light of the stars.

I’m not a mother so today tends to reminds me of the choices I’ve made and things that didn’t go as planned that have so far left me without my own children. Mother’s Day for me has always been kind of like being single on Valentines Day. It’s tempting to feel down. But instead of doing that to myself today I’m choosing to find the sunny side of the situation. See? That comes from you mom. Thank you!

From now on I’m celebrating you and Mother’s Day by consciously remembering all the goodness and love you gave me. All the times you brushed me off and set me back on my feet again. You brought me into the world, after all. There have been other women who’ve been like mothers to me too. Janie and Ruth and Norma all stood in the gap when I needed a shoulder to cry on or some encouragement to carry on. There are so many wonderful, funny and sweet times as well.

These memories will always be right here in my heart. I’ve been very blessed with motherly love. And because of this love and no children of my own, I have a huge reservoir of love to give to other mother’s children who just need someone to talk to, to calm their fears, to understand or just listen very well. When you think about it, we’re all somebody’s child. No matter how old we are.

This is how I’m celebrating myself as a “mother” today. All that love and cheerfulness is a legacy that I can pour out on all those other mother’s children. There’s a whole world out there that just needs a little love. So Cheers! It’s going to be a great day.

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  1. AU · May 8, 2022

    That’s a lovely post! We were blessed!


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