Cat Crazy

My kitty, Kira, in Modified Butterfly Pose.

She doesn’t know this, of course. Kira is a Himalayan cat. She’s very smart and loves it when I do yoga. Something about the change in my energy I guess. She gets right in the middle of whatever I’m doing. This can be quite annoying but it’s funny at the same time.

My friend Len (we’ve been platonic pals since college) have been messaging pics, videos and cat jokes for the last month. Len is a professor of history and a fellow music and cat lover who lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. I never realized until this frenzied and near endless exchange of cat memes that there’s a whole culture of cat crazy people. There’s definitely one for dogs too.

So just for grins I’ve included some cat meme highlights for your viewing pleasure. One dominant cat theme is their ability to chill out.

Sweet dreams.

Cats are playful and like music. Mine is fascinated when I sing, which hasn’t been often enough. I hereby vow to sing more. It’s something I do well. Some creative soul put this graphic together.

Kinda says it all.

And here’s a kitty chorus line.

Cha cha cha.

We all know cats have a mind of their own. Here’s a cartoon from Welcome to the Jungle that tell that story in one picture.

And they’re spiritual too.

Who knew? Or is it mew?

Last but not least, a cat butt joke for cooks.

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