OsteoStrong Update

The OS Machine Screens Display Performance & Compare With Prior Saved Data.

The machine screens in Stone Oak look a little different than the one pictured because they’re newer but the idea is the same. Each time you go for a session, the computer records pounds of pressure exerted against an individual’s custom targets and copies are emailed to the client. I’ve created a paper file so I can save and study my progress and see where more improvements are needed. In my case (as with most women they tell me), my upper body is the weakest part. So I’m doing free weights at home to build muscle in between OsteoStrong sessions.

Yesterday was session four. OsteoStrong has become my favorite thing I do for myself, outside of walking and practicing golf. I’m already feeling stronger too. The fitness sessions (although I think of them more as targeted therapies) are by appointment only and only available Monday through Friday during business hours so slots fill up. Wednesday @ 2 is my preference but it turns out that’s the busiest day and time. So I’m booked in every Tuesday now at 1:15 (except for the first two weeks in June, when I’m there Monday instead) through the whole summer.

Although the entire experience is fun, the Stone Oak location has a futuristic looking machine called a BioCharger. It looks like a device you’d expect to see in a Star Trek movie (maybe why I like it 🤗). After a workout and Hydromassage, I sit in front of the BioCharger and select from a menu of frequencies to bathe myself in. It’s a vibrational tune-up. Mental clarity and focus (aka RedBull) is a good one. I also like the mood booster (Happy Days). This fourth generation piece of tech was built around Tesla energy science.

To learn more go to http://biocharger.com

The sun is up so I’m out for my morning walk. Have a great day!

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  1. AU · May 12, 2022

    Fascinating stuff! Glad you’re staying so active! ❤️Anita

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