Accelerated BSN?

May 6-12 Was National Nurses Week, Celebrating Nurses Everywhere & Concluding on Florence Nightingale’s Birthday.

Update: I’m happy to report that my diagnostic mammogram and comparative ultrasound on an anomaly in my right breast have not changed. So I’m okay to wait another year for next exam. Yippie!

As part of my decision to find ways to be of service (and increase my income) I took a part time PRN job at a nearby Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. As with all things, when you explore a new avenue of possibility, opportunities tend to expand. During my, what turned out to be two-hour interview with the Supervising Nurse, she suggested I explore getting an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. By working PRN night shifts (which typically offer lots of time to study while earning another income), I could potentially earn this degree in 16 months because I already have a B.A. How about that?

So I started looking into that possibility. Owing to the fact that I graduated with honors from my first university, I’m eligible for some nice scholarships to the ABSN at at least one nearby university offering the program. Here’s the hitch. I’m steeped in arts, not sciences so there are quite a few prerequisites that have to be met first. Here’s the list:

Anatomy & Physiology with labs (1 & 2)

Intro to Microbiology & Lab

Biological Chemistry (with lab)

Intro to Probability & Statistics

Intro to Nutrition

Intro to Psych

Lifespan Development

Now it is possible my B.A. will mitigate one or two of these, or not. So much for 16 months to a BSN! But it’s conceivable to complete the prerequisites in a year, or by Fall 2023. Many of these classes can be done online and, depending on the institution, can be done at your own pace. Definitely something to think about.

In the meantime, I go in for a follow-up Diagnostic Breast exam and Mammogram this afternoon. Let’s hope everything turns out okay. More to come.

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