Direct Entry MSN

Now We’re Talking!

Just a little bit of online research reveals that a Masters Degree in Nursing is better aligned to my educational background and goals and there’s a Direct Entry Masters in Nursing (DEMSN) at the nearby Texas Lutheran University satellite in New Braunfels. The prerequisites are the same as for the Accelerated BSN but the opportunity is much greater and far more interesting. I have a call in to TLU to discuss this option but am excited about the possibilities! Stay tuned.

I don’t have much science or math in my educational background but evidently my extensive music study and practice has a somewhat equivalent effect on the brain. When I took my college entrance exams all those years ago, Pepperdine Admissions was shocked that I scored so high in math. They said I could be pre-med. I was all about music, writing, performance and drama at that time so I didn’t bite.

Besides, I’d had a bad experience in High School with math. I could somehow “see” the answers to algebra problems and so I just wrote the answers (which were correct) without doing the formula. Instead of getting the A I earned, they failed me. They thought I was cheating. I was forced to retake the class my sophomore year. This time, my one-eyed professor, Mr. Donnelly, told me he’d be keeping his (one) eye on me. He became convinced that I could intuit the answers. I got my A.

After graduating college, I went to work in the TV and film industry. This led to an even greater thirst for knowledge and a short stint at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I was working full-time in the movie business but this M.A.,/PhD. track in World Mythology and Jungian Psychology was intriguing. I thought it aligned with my aspirations for writing. The program was largely self-study so I read double the usual 1,000 pages a week for work to keep up. I was ultimately disappointed with the program and discontinued after only a semester or two.

That graduate level study should qualify for at least one of my psych prerequisites but I’m not counting on it. Academia is its own world. It will be interesting to see where this path leads. I like the idea of continuing at a Masters level degree, especially because this track encourages research and innovation. What a week! More later.

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