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Okay, so after a frenzied burst of research into a potential new avenue for me (namely, going back to school for a nursing degree), my heart is chiming in with a dissonant gong that gives me pause. Plus, there are financial realities that may be overcome but which are significant enough to take at least some of the wind out of my sails. This isn’t a reversal, it’s a rebalancing of energies. Besides, I just started a new gig and I want to see how that settles in or doesn’t.

So as of now, I’m stepping back and giving the current emotional froth time to settle down. Because at the end of the day, no matter how calm, cool and collected I may seem, I’m deeply passionate about anything I truly care about. This can be fantastic or regrettably disastrous. You live long enough, at least you learn when it’s time to get in out of the rain. Let the storm pass, then make the next move.

Today was my fourth OsteoStrong visit and it was my best experience so far. There are significant improvements in my strength in all four major skeletal area, which shows up in the printable charting today. My balance has also gotten markedly better thanks to some challenging calisthenics on the vibration plate over the last month.

Hope for some reciprocal sign of life on the romantic side of things is so far not appearing so I feel a familiar sadness. This is difficult to manage without falling into old patterns of belief. So this too is challenging me to grow. I am keeping my heart open and sending love out into the universe. For now, I can nurture my charges at the Assisted Living Facility. They are all other mother’s children, only now older and without parents or spouses and in frighteningly frail and declining health. It’s a great opportunity for a loving heart.

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  1. AU · May 17, 2022

    Well said about letting the emotional froth settle down.

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