This Week In Susie’s Kitchen: Mango Bread

Mangoes Are Known As The King Of Fruit.

The sun-ripened beauties in my kitchen are from Mexico but the fruit is believed to have originated in India. One of the most popular natural sweets in the world, mango is high in potassium, vitamin A and C and qualifies as a superfood. Here is a snapshot of mango’s health benefits.

Now when you make bread with mango, there’s added sugar and, admittedly, the following recipe is like cake but it’s perfect on a hot day with a tall glass of ice water or tea. Just so you know, the fruit is wonderful right off the tree all by itself or with a medley of other fruits. I like fresh mango with an all natural probiotic yogurt. Add a sprinkling of granola and raisins and, voila! A terrific healthy breakfast.

I got this recipe for Mango Bread when I lived in Hawaii. Like fresh banana bread, it takes more than a hour to bake because of the high density of the batter. Be sure and let it cool on a wire rack in the pan before you slice into it. This bread also freezes well because of its high moisture content So without ant further ado…

Here’s my tried and true recipe for fresh homemade Mango Bread:

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