Change Is Afoot

Big Doings In Town.

I live in a small country village that’s been going through a growth spurt for the last several years. Ranch land that not long ago was home to prize longhorns, grazing just beyond a fence is now home to yet another school and right across the two-lane blacktop, a two-story apartment complex went up about three years ago. Just recently that road has become a four-lane and the sleepy golf course just a mile into a residential neighborhood has been sold. Goodbye bargain greens fees.

The downtown area, which everyone refers to as “the square,’ is also undergoing huge renovations since the long disputed sewer finally got put in. A high-end semi-private supper club is on the verge of opening and real estate values (according to the county tax assessors) have literally doubled in the last year. I live in an old apartment complex that’s been under a legal cloud for the last seven years. There’s been a battle over ownership since it went from a rent controlled property to a private, corporate owned enterprise. The rents have doubled but they’re still a bargain if you don’t mind the total lack of curb appeal.

Now a couple of months ago the legal cloud cleared. Cosmetic upgrades that were underway stopped and the ‘For Rent’ sign out in front has been taken down. The manager, who’d put everyone on a month-to-month basis, suddenly handed out leases for the remaining tenants, then sold her own home nearby and moved hours away. There is no new manager and the vacant apartments will likely remain vacant.

A few days ago we were given 48-hour notice of a community-wide inspection. I expected the Fire Marshall and a few Board Members to parade through. That’s not how it went. On the morning of the inspection a virtual army of real estate people, termite inspectors and large septic trucks descended on our humble community. People were checking electric lines, climbing on roofs and generally going over the place with a fine-tooth comb. They were here all day with their walkie-talkies and iPads.

It began to dawn on me that the community may have been sold or is in the sale process. The city has had plans to redevelop this area for a long time so they’re very likely going to approve or have already approved of tearing this place down and building two-story condos. The real estate and prime location (walking distance to grocery, pharmacy, banks, shops, restaurants, the library and The Blanco River) are just too valuable for it to remain as it has been.

So now I’m wondering what to do next. Two of my family members are in or have been in Texas real estate and they both agree that the community is likely about to change hands. A deal of this size may take months to close but the proverbial handwriting is on the wall. It’s time to find a new home.

According to an article from Yoga Journal, however, Tuesday’s new moon in Cancer gives us a double whammy of the divine feminine. It’s not the time to strategize and plan but a time to open up to how we’re really feeling inside. A time to be receptive and observe, to take things in and let go of trying to figure everything out. Okay, I’ll try to relax.

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut like the Roaring Twenties sleuth Phryne Fisher (pictured above). It’s been scorching hot here. Besides, it’s time for an upgrade. I can use a sassy little bob to lift my spirits. Last night it felt like the sword of Damocles was hanging precariously over my head. Maybe I can play detective in July. 😊

That’s the update. I’ll have some more writing tips later this week. Enjoy your new moon. We may even get some much needed rain.


  1. AU · June 26

    Looks like we’ll both be moving! Why don’t you dig into the county records and find out what’s up? I’ve gotten 🤒 🤧and have been in bed for a couple of days , I’m so grateful to have air conditioning in the whole house!

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    • Susanmarx · June 26

      I will but this literally just happened right before the weekend. Monday is my day of beauty and Tuesday I’m in San Antonio for my OsteoStrong appointment (which usually takes up the whole middle of the day). Sorry you’re not feeling good. There’s some kind of crud going around. I haven’t been sick but have been extremely tired. Feeling better today. Make sure you drink lots of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in this heat.


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