OsteoStrong Workouts Update!

The Weekly Sessions Continue…

If you don’t know about the unique, patent pending OsteoStrong technology and workouts for people with osteopenia (me), osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and general strength and balance building, get thee to a search engine and check it out. You can also find a few posts about it on this blog. I’ve been doing the routines once a week now for three months. It is definitely one of the best things I do for myself on a regular basis.

In my case there are three main goals: improve overall muscle strength, build bone mass density and improve my balance. I see tremendous improvements in all three categories. How do I know? I feel stronger and my balance is way better. Plus, the computer keeps track and sends me the results after each session. I have a 69% increase in strength overall. The bone is slow to grow so I won’t have hard evidence of replacing bone mass density until my next DXA scan. But the fact that I can press 6 X my body weight with my legs is a personal best, which I achieved yesterday. My upper body is still a lot weaker than my legs and spine but improved strength is recorded there too.

I don’t normally experience fatigue or downtime due to soreness post OsteoStrong but this morning I was noticeably slow to get moving. My spinal column in particular felt fatigued. I take this as a good sign. It’s approaching lunchtime and I’m up and about but I can tell my back wants to rest. So I can still exercise my biceps, triceps and abdominals with light weights and reps. OsteoStrong doesn’t take the place of cardiovascular exercise or muscle conditioning so those things continue.

Every now and again the owners of the fitness studio where I go has a special presentation. Tomorrow evening between 5-6 pm they’re holding a brief teaching on posture, mindfulness and meditation. I’m a big fan of meditation and mindfulness. This promises to approach those two practices from a very practical mind/body POV. So it’s back to San Antonio tomorrow! I really love the area, the north side of one of Texas’ oldest cities.

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