Unleash The Power Within: July 2022

Starts Tomorrow Morning And Goes All Weekend.

You may be wondering why I’m doing this event for the fourth time. I can only tell you that Tony and his gifted colleagues inspire me and there are still a couple of challenging areas where I feel I need coaching to overcome them. Like Tony Robbins I believe in constant and never ending improvement. This event is a treat because it reminds me of what I already know and encourages me to go further than before. There’s still time if you want to join and experience UPW.

Although I’ve followed Tony for decades and done many of his “home-based self-improvement” courses, I did my first UPW live in Dallas in 2019. It was amazing even though I did not do the fire walk because I had recently sprained my ankle. That live event turns out to be one of the last in-person TR events before COVID 19 hit and basically closed the world to social interaction.

In characteristic TR fashion, Tony found a way to not only keep delivering his #1 product but to grow it exponentially with a multimillion dollar digital studio where he delivers his ever improved product right into your living room. All of Tony’s formerly liv, in-person events are delivered this way now. The new delivery system has exponentially increased Tony’s reach and his bottom line.

For the last few days I’ve been preparing body and mind for the event. This is encouraged by Tony and his staff. This experience is immersive and intense so to get the best out of my investment I cleaned house, paid bills, prepared healthy meals in advance, set up the tech so I can view/interact live with my big screen and have been focusing on what I want spout of the experience and why.

I’m basically checking out from life for the rest of the week while I’m doing UPW July 2022 in my living room but if I have ant great insights or breakthroughs I’ll b ensure and let you know. Until then, as Tony loves to say, Live With Passion!

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  1. au@thecountrylife.us · July 13

    Glad you’re doing it and hope you’re feeling better! ❤️ Anita


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