Full Moon Morning

Caught a glimpse of the full moon yesterday at just after 6 am, from just outside my place. It was as bright as a streetlight. There’s something about full moon energy.

Seeing this moon right before UPW Virtual this morning was like an omen. I will finally have my breakthrough this weekend. I know it!

Say Yes!

During my undergraduate study at Pepperdine, I was a double major (music and broadcasting) so I had almost no free electives to explore other areas of knowledge but I did manage to get Astronomy into the mix. Since Pepperdine is located on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, there was little light pollution- even though Los Angeles and Hollywood were only a thirty minute drive down the coastal highway.

I remember driving in a small University bus with my Astronomy class at night for our final exam into one of the nearby canyons where there was, at the time, even less light pollution. There we looked through our professor’s powerful telescope at the living cosmos that was on display in all its unspeakable majesty around us. It was both humbling and spiritually invigorating for me. We stayed a few hours and mapped the the night sky together, there under the same stars I see tonight.

I am less mystical about Astronomy than you might imagine if you read my blog on a regular basis. And yet I do believe we are influenced by the cosmic energies of the neighboring heavenly bodies., the moon perhaps especially so because it is so near to us and influences the tides and our own watery beings.

The new photos NASA released just days ago taken by the James Webb Infared Space Telescope are mind blowing. We live in an incredible universe. The possibilities are indeed unlimited.

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    Out early!

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