Cha Cha Cha Changes!

Hi, My Name is Susan Marx.

In December of last year I started this blog as a way of exploring what I felt was my main area of expertise – developing stories and screenplays. That’s what I did full time at the Hollywood movie studios for decades. I absolutely love working with literary properties and the process has turned me into a writer as well.

I wrote a blog on the blogger platform for more than seven years before attempting to move it off that site and onto a personal website. Short story? I botched the tech side by failing to renew my domain name and all those years of fairly intense analysis and teaching on the subject of screenplays and the mindsets of the creative business people that run the studios literally disappeared. Plus I hadn’t backed it up anywhere.

Live and learn, right? Sometimes that’s a painful process. So I started this new blog with the intention of experimenting with a multiple subject approach. After seven months, Musings felt like dabbling which is not what I’m about. So it was either stop or get serious. I’m disinclined to go back to the purely analytical format so my thinking now is to share a more honed approach; namely Creative Lifestyle.

Another long-term interest of mine is meditation and mindfulness. This has had a profound influence on my life since beginning to meditate in my 20s. I’m 66 now so you can imagine that I’ve made some discoveries and distinctions about the practice and some associated methods of stilling the mind, focusing attention and raising my own consciousness.

Taking better care of my physical body has also become a passionate pursuit. I have shared a few things about that with my adventures with Tony Robbins’, his recent book Life Force and my subsequent experience at OsteoStrong. In fact I injured myself there a couple of weeks ago. I’m not in pain and don’t believe there’s permanent damage to my spine but it taught me something about the technology. Yoga and rebounding are helping me heal myself.

These are some of the topics I’ll be sharing with you in evolving blog, now renamed The Creative Lifestyle. Cooking, as you know, is another area that I’ve worked to become good at as well. So there will be some posts about food too that are more in alignment with health and fitness.

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