A Beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl

An Early Birthday Gift To Myself.

Many things changing. Yes, the apartment house changed hands but they’re renovating instead of tearing the old place down. So it’s going to get a much needed facelift and hopefully some landscaping. The new management is, of course, honoring my lease so that’s a relief.

I took a couple weeks off from OsteoStrong to give my spine a rest. Another visit to the chiropractor this morning confirms there’s no injury, just some mild compression, especially around the T12 vertebra. This is the juncture where the thoracic and lower lumbar transition. Otherwise known as the lordotic curve, a common point of weakness.

I’m cleared to return to the OsteoStrong studio, though he recommends dialing back effort about 10 percent and continue to stretch and relax the soft tissues. I miss my special friends in San Antonio. Back Tuesday!

Also starting part time work as a home health caregiver next week. It’s exciting to find what promises be a harmonious situation to channel energy into being of service to the community. I’m grateful that everything that has been concerning is coming into a healthy balance.

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