A Welcome But Unexpected Healing

The Anatomy of the Spine. Especially for Cannon.

Three weeks ago I had an unusual experience during an exercise on the postural machine at https://osteostrong.me, a fitness studio that helps people get strong and rebuild waning bone mass density. I was hitting all my growth triggers for building bone back and had just done a personal best on the lower vertebrae. I pressed more than 6X my body weight. My legs have always been strong but this was a big jump. On the very next machine, which stacks the vertebra in a standing position, I got near my growth trigger but released the bar early because I sensed that going further was contraindicated.

I immediately felt a sensation that’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before. It was as though something released. No pain or discomfort at all, just this feeling of blood and oxygen flooding into the center of my spine (which I later learned was the T12 vertebra, one of four critical points on the spine that are particularly vulnerable to injury because of its spot on the lordotic curve). I didn’t say anything to the Trainer because there was nothing to be concerned about. We continued on to another brief series of exercises on the vibration plate.

The next day I was uncomfortable enough to take a Tylenol and get out the heating pad. I skipped a week and returned to OsteoStrong and performed everything but the postural machine because my intuition told me to avoid it. Over the past week my spine has been cranky and sore. No pain, but it’s not the same. I skipped the next OsteoStrong workout and saw my Chiropractor. He said I hadn’t permanently injured myself but may have have woken something up and that could be a good thing. He said use ice or at least follow heat with ice.

I played my Tibetan Singing Bowl (which, by no accident, resonates from the root to the fourth chakra) in hopes the healing sound vibrations would relieve the tension. The soreness moved from T12 down to the L5 after a deep stretch and that worsened to severe stiffness. By the end of yesterday I could scarcely move without pain. I took more Tylenol, got out the Big Ice Packs, put a bolster under my knees and went to bed. I still do not believe I am “injured,” which probably sounds ridiculous because I almost couldn’t stand up it hurt so much. I feel something else was/is going on.

It was a restless night but I finally relaxed and meditated on love, in particular for a special man who lives at a distance from me and whom I believe is my twin flame. He knows who he is, if he’s reading this. At least I hope so. We have been in separation for a while because of distance and other factors relative to old wounds and timing. When I finally fell asleep I had wonderful, freeing dreams and happy memories lifted my spirits. At 3 a.m. I woke up with a feeling that whatever had shifted in my spine, had unlocked some old trapped emotions.

So I got up slowly and made my way into the darkened living room, lit some candles and played my singing bowl, allowing the sound vibrations to soothe the energy in my lower chakras. After a few minutes I went back to bed. I am much better today. I do feel the shifting energy in my back released some old stuck energy. There are theories floating around out there about emotions being stored in organs. Maybe they get trapped in bones too. Who’d have thunk it? We do indeed live in a miraculous universe.

I Kinda Wish I’d Captured The Moment Last Night. This Is a Daytime Replay!

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