Connecting To The Matrix

The Universal Matrix
Artwork by Daniel B. Holemon

We live in a magical, interconnected world. I’ve always known this on an intuitive level and as an adult encountered this idea in the mythic literature, especially The Net of Indra. Quantum physics, at least what I understand of it today, is discovering and affirming the invisible connectedness of our lives, thoughts and experiences. We are united outside of space and time.

The Jewel Net of Indra

In the twentieth century, Einstein and a couple of his post-doctoral colleagues put forth this idea in 1935 in a paper describing quantum entanglement.

It was a thought experiment in which the quantum states of two or more entangled objects, such as a pair of photons, have the same state even when separated by great distances. Changing the state of one of these objects simultaneously changes the state of the other even when there is no physical connection.

Teleportation Is Possible, It Just Depends On Scale (by Victoria Corless) June 30, 2020
Image Credit: Umberto Unsplash

Our interconnectedness is reason to be joyful because it means when we work on ourselves and our skills we raise and connect ourselves to others vibrating at the same or similar frequencies. I believe that’s why we experience “coincidences.” Have you ever been thinking about someone and they called you or showed up in your experience? We all have. I think that’s what happened to me with the white car last week. Are these magic moments purely accidental? I’ve had far too many experiences that prove otherwise. So if you ask me, the answer is no.

I believe we literally bring ourselves to opportunity by how we are in the world. This is not to say we have no need to network and market. It just means we have more support than meets the eye. Diligent work and a positive attitude carry great influence and put us over the top when others who are not so committed to a vision, fail.

When the Wachovskis released their first The Matrix movie in 1999, I was on staff, full-time for Warner Bros. I had an office on Warner Bros., property. It was an old motel they’d converted into office space across the street from the studio in Burbank. My employment status gave me access to the studio executives in charge of the film. Talking to the main executive in charge of production was one of the first people I interviewed for my book, A Writers Guide To The Hollywood Jungle.

Since then I’ve come to sense the matrix on many multiple levels and had great advantages by allowing myself to accept these gifts from the universe. I spent much of last week learning how to conceptualize and develop an online class. As a result I bought into an innovative all-inclusive digital platform ( and will spend the next 6 weeks building a course. This is SO exciting! To celebrate and boost my success, I bought a new iMac and some great wireless headphones.

My Home Work Station.

I’ll update you when I have reportable details. Right now my online class lives in the brainstorming universe 😊. More to come on writing tips and the daily adventures of one creative soul, who gets a kick out of sharing thoughts and ideas.

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