My First Love? Sound

Found This While Shopping For My Mac.

Is there anything more thrilling and soul penetrating than sound? For me the answer is no. Even before I studied jazz improv on the piano or went to college to study music or took my first job after college at Universal in the music library, I was fascinated with the power of sound. It has always moved me beyond all else.

The voice, yes, and I’ve been publicly recognized and financially rewarded for my voice but initially I got certified in sound engineering via The Recording Institute of America before I was 20. Even today, one of the most incredible things in the world to me is to do a voice-over or record a song in a professional studio. I also love that the film producers shot this entire clip in black and white. That renders the experience classic, timeless and in harmony with the intrinsic concept of sound/music as the one universal language.

I just wanted to share this awesome Skywalker Sound clip because it’s so cool. It makes me homesick for Hollywood. Yes, believe it or not, that’s actually possible! It’s not all traffic jams, weirdos, forest fires and mud slides. Dreams are realized there but these days I think we can bridge the geographic gap and join communities that call to us from anywhere in the world. That’s a path I’m willing to trail-blaze because it can bring happiness and fulfillment to people from all over the planet.

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