Life Update

I’m happy to report that after experiencing severe back pain, I followed my chiropractor’s advice and applied ice to the low back and abstained from extension exercise. I’m completely better. I didn’t even have to get laser treatments to soothe the inflammation of my L5 disc. So much so I went back to OsteoStrong on Tuesday for a full workout. It’s amazing how inflammation can mascarade as injury. I’m actually a little blown away.

My regular OsteoStrong appointment has moved from Tuesday to Monday because I took on part time work in Home Health to finance my goals and have a sense of social connection and contribution. I have four regular clients, as of today, all of whom I love. Each has their own non-medical needs I can easily supply. It’s very rewarding. Doing this work connects me to individuals in the community and I feel useful.

The most exciting development is investing in and a comprehensive launch program to help me hone my on-line class idea and successfully launch it via their proprietary portal. I wrote about this in my Connecting to the Matrix post but I think the title was a bit too ethereal to garner much traffic. The details of my developmental class have to remain under wraps for now but I’m excited to engage with this community and learn as much as I can about online education.

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