Breaking Down The West Coast Swing

A Sample of an X Dance Online Dance Lesson.

I know this may seem like a random post but it actually is not. This is an example of an artist date (put forth by Julia Cameron in her groundbreaking book The Artist’s Way). The idea behind the Artist Date is to get out of your normal groove and learn or experience something new and expansive that will ignite passion in your creative life. Cameron recommends at least one artist date a week. What fun!

Based on my last post, studying instructional dance videos can also be categorized as a daily learning session, which Robin Sharma swears by. This might smash your paradigms at first but I learned long ago that if you’re exploring areas of interest in your field of interest or skill set, learning is a blast. As a story analyst in Hollywood I was expected to screen at least three major motion picture movies a week, watch several new broadcast, cable or online “tv” programs and read the industry trade magazines daily.

This practice has created a conscious on-going learning habit, for which I am grateful. I’m actually sincerely interested in dance (this is a natural extension, probably, of my love and talent for music). Anthony & Rose are the married dance instructors behind, which they claim is the world’s first online, interactive dance studio.

It might be just that, an updated ballroom dancing or Fred Astaire type studio you can access online. Their website is a comprehensive pre-recorded instructional membership that looks very good. They make dancing the Two-Step, The West Coast Swing and the Waltz look easy. I know I’m ready to go dancing, or at least to start practicing.

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