Do you Believe in Magic?

First you have to ask the implicit question. What is magic? Without consulting Wikipedia for a prompt, I’ll just share my opinion. Magic is an occurrence, experience or event that stands out as special or even extraordinary, depending on your emotional tendencies. It does not fit into the law of averages, odds or logic. Something wonderful and surprising happens, just when you thought it couldn’t or wouldn’t. I celebrate such a moment today at about 1:45 pm. It made my day.

I was happy to see one of my favorite OsteoStrong trainers today because Labor Day upset the usual run of things. My usual Tuesday session there moved to Mondays at 1:00 a few weeks ago. Then jogged to Thursday this week to makeup for the closed Labor Day session. Next week I’m back to Monday unless something else upsets the apple art.

My time has become far more limited with a weekly out-of-home work schedule and the online teaching project that’s developing in the background. Magic seems to be pouring into my life from all directions. So much so I have my eyes wide open for moments of amazingness on an hourly basis. I wish you all the same kind of joyful vibes.

Have you ever had a magical moment that’s really beyond description to others? I’m guessing the answer is YES!

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