Another Day, Another Insight

Today I just want to share the everyday joys of being alive. I accepted a client care assignment for today that I didn’t really want but the agency was in a pinch so I took it for one day (only) to sub for their regular person. The duties of this assignment were not unusual for non-medical elderly care and the client is another dear one.

So as much as I disliked the bed pan/diaper change moments, I was reminded of my own incredible good health and good fortune and my great pleasure in having the ability to be of service to another human being. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And so, rather than beat myself up for not having the perfect body, the big glamorous house or impressive bank account, I celebrate the joy that life offers every hour of every day. Love this Sophia Loren meme.

Amen, Sister.

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  1. · September 15

    Love it😊


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