Priming for Peak State

Tony Robbins Leads Thousands In Priming To Achieve Peak State

Priming is a great way to start your day. Most of us think we don’t have time to spend 20 minutes on setting our mindset for the day but after this weekend’s marathon online Mastermind Summit training with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins I can honestly say that Priming does make a difference. We just can’t “think” our way to feeling amazing.

To break it down, Tony is demonstrating the Breath of Fire, a yogi technique to oxygenate the brain and stimulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is a life force system that operates in the background without our conscious awareness. Stimulating it, taps into our energy within minutes and literally shifts awareness, especially when it’s accompanied by the type of conscious direction Tony gives.

Breath of Fire is done by inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling through the nose to a rapid count. In this session we do 30 breaths, three times. Then follow the imagination exercises that follow it and end with a celebration.

I first bumped into this physiological practice in 2019 at a live Unleash The power Within event at a small sports stadium in Dallas, Texas. I’ve done some amazing meditative practices but this one is powerful and as a lifelong practitioner of meditation, it appealed to me. But this weekend’s live practice with Tony in the Mastermind 2022 Summit (an online training about developing online courses) really drove the point home. When we optimize our psychology we get optimal results.

My schedule didn’t allow me to fully participate this weekend but I tuned in about 50 percent of the time and got another infusion of inspiration. We simply MUST continue to discipline our bodies, minds and emotions (soul energy) daily if we are to get the most juice out of life. I highly recommend Tony’s Priming to set yourself up for the win.

Honestly! Do this. Check it out and see for yourself if you don’t feel the difference. Before you start, anchor the mindset of what you feel is possible relative to achieving your goals, whatever they are. Then do the Priming Exercise and compare. Do you feel more empowered to execute on your dreams afterwards or not? If you participate fully you absolutely WILL feel amazing and like you can crush any challenge.


  1. · September 21

    I love this concept and usually make it a practice to read the Bible every morning. Glad you’re making strides with keeping fit mentally, it’s a critical practice!

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    • Susanmarx · September 21

      Reading the Bible is spiritual food and maybe you view it as psychological as well. I don’t believe the practices are interchangeable. I sometimes read sacred literature and I meditate regularly as a spiritual and psychological practice. Priming is neither. It’s physiological. A very powerful practice that shifts your consciousness by leveraging the body to achieve an extraordinary state. You might want to at least try it without judgement.


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