Every Day Is A Journey Into Love

Inside View of an Ocean Swell

Over the last month or so I’ve been voyaging into the world of non-medical home care in the role of caregiver. This type of work isn’t something I ever planned or aspired to do but after caring for my mom until her death, my eyes were opened to a new way of being with the often difficult losses that come with aging and eventually dying.

We are all on a path through life that will come to an end sooner or later. Instead of fearing the journey I believe my heightened emotional sensitivity is developing into the healing insightfulness of an empath. I feel my clients’ emotional states without them telling me and my heart opens to them. They feel they are seen and loved as the perfect soul they are and we connect for the time we are together on a profound and satisfying level.

One of my favorite mentors, Tony Robbins, teaches that fulfillment and lasting happiness can only be found through service to others. This was true for me as a singer in my young life and in the world of story development for film and television. It was never about me. I was always happiest in those career paths to the extent I contributed to something greater than myself. Maybe there’s a way I can bring music and storytelling to giving physical care to others now.

I can truly say that I love the ones I am called to care for. Everyday (at least every day that I work in the caregiver role) is another opportunity to feel into the emotional needs of my clients. Almost all of them have some form of dementia or neurological disease process such as Parkinson’s that manifests, at some stage, in mobility issues. So they need help not only communicating but with their Activities of Daily Living, transfers in and out of bed or a vehicle to live at home safely.

For me the horrible surprise of finding myself “lost” without meaningful work a few years ago when I moved to Texas became an imperative to find purpose outside of how I had defined myself as a professional previously. It literally took years and lots of conscious, coach-guided work for me to get that what I feel most called to do is to be of service. It almost doesn’t matter in what field. I am fortunate too because I could afford to travel, study and explore. I can honestly say the search was worth what I have found because now it’s not just another day but another day on the journey into love.

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