Dr. Joe Dispenza: Reprograming the Mind

This is part of a Series on Brain Health and Behavioral Psychology.

The practical science of behavioral change. Mostly Dr. Joe talks about raising your consciousness through mindfulness exercises and daily meditation. His meditations are powerful but they’re quite long (45 minutes to an hour in most cases). They are not for beginners, in general, but if you’re serious about change…at least try them. I’ve imbedded one below just in case you want to take action right now.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Blessing the Energy Centers Guided Meditation.

I’ve spent lots of time and money studying Dr. Joe Dispenza’s approach to meditation and overall health. I’ve read most of his books too and have taken all his available online classes. His meditations are indeed transformational. He’s one of my favorite online gurus.

Now I get to revisit his work and apply his methodology to changing my eating habits. My life may just depend on it. This interview imbedded above is quite long too but it encapsulates Dr. Joe’s groundbreaking research in an hour’s time. Happy watching (sorry for the ads).

Here’s another, shorter more recent interview in which Dr, Joe talks about habits of thought and their correlation to disease. This, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog lately, is an area of passionate study. It seems that how and what we think impacts our health.

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