Love From The Quantum Field

You can tell what I’m thinking about! Rehearsing the feelings of love, not just romantically but love for life and friends and family. Below is another interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza in conversation with Lewis Howes (The School of Greatness) about finding love and creating love on a whole other level. This is a long clip but good almost from the get go. The first 28 minutes are gold. From my heart to yours, with love ❤️

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a licensed chiropractor and yoga instructor whose life was forever altered when he was hit by an SUV while competing during the biking portion of a triathlon in Southern California. The accident fractured his spine in seven places but he ultimately refused surgery (to insert a herring rod in his spine) and healed himself through guided meditation. In exchange for this “miracle” Dr. Joe vowed to spend the rest of his life studying and researching the mind-body connection. His work is practical and evidence based. Becoming Supernatural is his most recent book.

FYI: Dispenza has, since his accident and recovery to perfect health, studied neuroscience in depth and is now allied in research with experts in brain health and The Heart Math Institute. At some of his longer, live in-person retreats his team measure brain waves and heart patterns (EKGs) during the events. These scans are producing a growing body of evidence to support what he writes and speaks about.


Dr Joe has a new online class called The Formula which encapsulates his research and meditation processes thus far in smaller increments.


  1. · October 23

    I don’t see a link…


    • Susanmarx · October 23

      I had a lot of trouble with it. Had to use an imbed plugin. Try refreshing your email. Everything looks good from my end.


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