A High Fiber, Colon Healthy Fall Soup

It’s comically ironic to me that after decades of cooking, baking and recipe curating, much of what I have in my recipe box is NOT what I now know I need to prepare and eat for health. Oh well. Live and learn. Many of my old recipes are staples though and can be modified to leaner more high fiber versions of themselves.

For the last year or so I’ve been making a healthy breakfast of fresh strawberries, Greek yogurt, a handful of granola and a sprinkling of raisins. I sweeten the berries with a single serving of Stevia and use vanilla flavored Chobani yogurt because it’s low in sugar and has five strains of probiotics.

Yummy berry breakfast that tastes almost like dessert.

Now for the soup recipe.

Looks great. You could make this a meal with some fresh cooked rice and tortilla or flatbread. I’ll definitely put avocado on mine.

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